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Working principle of servo hydraulic system


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When the traditional hydraulic system needs pressure and flow change control at the same time, either proportional valve (servo valve) is used to cooperate with the quantitative pump system or proportional plunger pump system is used. However, the motors used are all constant speed motors, and the corresponding speed is relatively low (generally about 150ms). The overflow loss is serious and the energy consumption is large, which is not in line with the development direction of modern industry.

The servo hydraulic system is composed of a quantitative pump and a servo motor. The servo pump controller automatically adjusts the speed of the servo motor according to the signal fed back by the pressure sensor and the speed sensor to achieve the pressure and flow required by the hydraulic system. The system is fully closed-loop controlled without overflow. Loss, energy saving effect is obvious. Due to the small inertia of the servo motor, the response is fast (the flow rate is generally about 100ms from zero to the maximum output flow rate). The control accuracy is high, the pressure and flow control accuracy is generally less than ± 0.5%, and the repetition accuracy is generally less than ± 0.5%.


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