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What industries are hydraulic presses mainly used in?


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Widely used in: electronics, computers, home appliances, hardware, stationery, locks, sports equipment, bicycles, plastics, furniture, automobiles and other industries. It also includes the following areas:


Auto Parts Manufacturing

Hydraulic presses have many uses in automobile manufacturing. The main use is in the manufacture of automotive parts. Hydraulic presses can be used to make large parts, such as body panels and brake pads, as well as smaller parts, such as clutches, and even more complex car parts. What's more, manufacturers can and can use them to assemble car parts.


Parts Manufacturing

Manufacturers can use hydraulic presses to make panels for washing machines, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Like car manufacturing, they also use hydraulic presses to assemble parts such as thermostat housings, light switches and electrical appliances.


car broken

The core of the automobile crushing system is the hydraulic press. Using the automobile crusher, the hydraulic press is reduced at a stable speed to provide uniform compression, which makes the storage and transfer of the automobile much easier.


Ceramic production

Hydraulic presses are also useful at the manufacturing end of the cement. In addition, the manufacturer can replace the traditional hot kiln with a hydraulic press operation. Hydraulic press at room temperature. The low pressure required to compress the ceramic into the target shape is required. Firing in a shorter time than the time required for the kiln allows the production of cement, brick, bathroom tile and related products.


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