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Foshan Zhouwei Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd is a professional cornpany for hydraulic press,Since the establishment,the company adopts the modem management.advanced technology and equipment to design and produce products by the customer satisfied,Enable customers to lower production cost and create quality products.


Zhouwei company has its own leading products such as, YD65 series four column hydraulic presses.ZYJseries cdd-extrusier hydraulic presses,ZY34 series frame hydraulic presses.ZY33 series moving-up hydraulic presses.ZY32 series multifunctional hydraulic presses,ZYX07 series fast presses-down  hydraulic presses.ZYF07 powder forming hydraulic presses.ZY07 series water expand hydraulic presses.ZYH71 series vulcanization hydraulic presses.ZYC series Rapid punching hydraulic presses.cylinder and hydraulic station are widely applied in stainless steel,aluminum,cuprum and iron products,hardware forming,powder forming and vulcanized rubber forming,ect,Besides,we are also able to design and manufacture various kinds of non-standard hydraulic machinery ,non-standard cylinder and hydraulic system.

Zhouwei Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co,ltd committed to good ideas,win the market by quahty,develop market by price,consolidate market by service,exploit market by lnnovation,let our customers get excellent products and services through first-class equipment,advanced technology,first-class quality and good serice,it will be trusted that we can create brilliant through your support.



ZYJ Cold Extrusion Machine Series YD65 Four-Column Stretching Machine Series ZY34 Frame Machine Series ZY33 Upward-moving Hydraulic Press Series


Foshan Zhouwei Hydraulic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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