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How to solve the problem of hydraulic machine power consumption?


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The traditional hydraulic press uses a fixed pump variable pump, and the servo hydraulic press uses a servo motor to drive the gear pump. The advantages of the servo hydraulic press: high efficiency, energy saving, noise reduction, and improved equipment accuracy.

For example, a 500-ton hydraulic press,

Before the transformation: unloading with a manipulator to make the ice cubes back to the shallow stretch of the cold storage.

The working pressure is about 10-12Mpa, and the equipment uses two 30Kw motors to drive two 63Ycy14 motors. For 22 hours a day, a cycle manipulator has a single semi-automatic loading and unloading for about 25 seconds, the equipment itself beats for 16 seconds, and the output is

About 3,000 pieces a day for 22 hours. The equipment has large calorific value, serious oil leakage, large noise and high energy consumption.

After equipment modification: the cycle time of the equipment itself is 9 seconds, plus the cycle time of the manipulator unloading is 14 seconds, and the output is about 3600 pieces in 20 hours. The equipment has extremely low fever, no oil leakage and no noise.

Calculation results: the energy consumption per unit product is reduced by 60%, the efficiency is increased by 40%, the noise is reduced by 80%, the calorific value is less, and the energy is more energy-saving.

Summary: Compared with traditional hydraulic press, servo hydraulic press can save electricity by 30%-70%.


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