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Suowei's leading products: ZYJ cold extrusion machine series, YD65 four-column stretching machine series, ZY34 frame machine series, ZY33 upward-moving hydraulic machine series, ZY32 universal hydraulic machine series, ZYX07 downward pressure rapid hydraulic machine series, ZYF07 powder molding machine Series, ZY07 water swell forming machine series, ZWY ceiling forming machine series, ZYH71 vulcanizing machine series, ZYC hydraulic press series; oil cylinder, hydraulic station. Widely used in the processing and production of stainless steel, aluminum, copper and iron products; hardware molding, powder molding; rubber vulcanization molding, etc. We can also design special non-standard hydraulic machinery, non-standard oil cylinders and hydraulic systems according to customer needs.


ZYJ Cold Extrusion Machine Series YD65 Four-Column Stretching Machine Series ZY34 Frame Machine Series ZY33 Upward-moving Hydraulic Press Series


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