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Hydraulic pioneer industry leader - in-depth interpretation of power source hydraulic


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Hydraulic pioneer industry leader - in-depth interpretation of power source hydraulic

(Summary description)Guizhou force source hydraulic co., LTD. (600765) by China's guizhou aviation industry (group) co., LTD belongs to the former guiyang aviation hydraulic parts factory (2000 restructuring for ...

Hydraulic pioneer industry leader - in-depth interpretation of power source hydraulic

(Summary description)Guizhou force source hydraulic co., LTD. (600765) by China's guizhou aviation industry (group) co., LTD belongs to the former guiyang aviation hydraulic parts factory (2000 restructuring for ...

Guizhou force source hydraulic co., LTD. (600765) by China's guizhou aviation industry (group) co., LTD belongs to the former guiyang aviation hydraulic parts factory (2000 restructuring for guizhou jinjiang aviation hydraulic co., LTD.), launched an exclusive to raise established way of listed companies, is a high degree of specialization of hydraulic components manufacturing enterprises.
The company's products are widely used in engineering machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, metallurgical mines, railway locomotives, energy-saving systems, wind power generation, military products and other fields. At present, it is the most powerful professional enterprise with strong research and development capacity, large asset scale, advanced equipment, advanced technology, high market share and large export volume in China. Industry outlook bibcock is established from the current situation of industry, construction machinery industry in China due to the planned economy period, "the host, parts" and the effect of relatively less investment in fittings, thus causing fittings industry foundation is thin, weak foundation, the strength is weak, especially with the improvement of the level of the host, a mechanical components behind the host becomes increasingly bottlenecks. In recent years, although the technology transfer, technical innovation, scientific research and development, etc., countries give some support, but compared with the current market demand and foreign level, in the degree of specialization, independent research and development, and process equipment level there is still a big gap. Force source of hydraulic main products --, high-pressure plunger pump/motor is an important power of high performance hydraulic system components and actuators, is an essential part of modern engineering machinery supporting device, the history of the development rule of the international and domestic machinery industry shows that because has the outstanding advantages in technology and economy, hydraulic transmission way is more and more in the industry to replace the traditional mechanical transmission. The adoption of hydraulic transmission mode can reduce the appearance and weight of products, save materials and reduce costs. The flexibility, adaptability and flexibility of the product have been improved significantly.
In our country, for example, although the hydraulic pump and hydraulic parts production until the sixties has just begun, the high-pressure plunger pump/motor as high-performance hydraulic system of the power components and actuators have been engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, railway machinery, drilling machinery, ships and military industry, widely used in industries such as construction machinery industry has basically achieved the hydraulic. From the perspective of industry prospect, the continuous improvement of national economy and the rapid growth of related industries have provided a good development space for the company. According to the forecast, from 2000 to 2020, the national economy (GDP) grew by an average of 7.4% a year, will remain more than 12% of the average annual growth rate of mechanical industry, as the drive of infrastructure construction industry, construction machinery industry development speed will be higher.
Along with our country economy sustainable development and the increasing exchanges with foreign countries, for the company's machinery accessories industry has provided a broad market space: one is the "11th five-year plan" period, all kinds of engineering machinery host will develop to a high level, be badly in need of the corresponding high level of fittings, according to the construction machinery industry "11th five-year plan" planning for demand forecast, engineering machinery major models each year, to 2010, the production of hydraulic excavator to more increase from the current thirty thousand to seventy thousand, loaders, bulldozers, rollers, forklifts and other models also have 20% to 50% growth. 2 it is domestic existing accessories production scale far cannot satisfy the foreign investment, joint venture host constantly improve localization rate, it is predicted that by 2010, our country is the main type of social ownership conservative estimates there are 200 more than ten thousand units, which requires each year to provide a large number of high-quality repair parts. Third, with the internationalization of the relevant industrial market, the international procurement of supporting parts will increase substantially in the future. Fourth, during the eleventh five-year plan period, the export volume of various kinds of mainframe computers in China will significantly exceed that of the tenth five-year plan period. In terms of market share, power source hydraulic has an overwhelming market share and a strong leading position in the industry.
At present, the hydraulic parts market in China presents the company's direct sales and sales outlets of the market structure. The former is mainly used in the designated supporting market, while the latter is mainly used for the sales of replacement parts. Liyuan hydraulic has focused its marketing on the targeted supporting market, and some products are sold through the company's sales outlets. In addition, the company about 30% of sales of products for export, mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Italy, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions, although the amount is limited, is still the hydraulic parts industry in China's largest exporter. The data disclosed by the company shows that the company enjoys an overwhelming market share in the designated supporting market of engineering machinery. Supporting the production of engineering machinery with high-pressure plunger pump and a powerful source of hydraulic motor and the three companies such as Beijing, Shanghai, force source hydraulic from during the period of "15" provides 89800 sets of products to the market, the market share of over 60%. In addition, because the company independent research and development ability is outstanding, the next five years, the company will also continue to market nearly hundred kinds of research and development, to replace imported products to raise military supplies, thus further solid industry advantage.

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